Plums Plums Plums

9 Aug


We have a tree that won’t quit….even though we lost an enormous branch last year due to too much weight, it still produces like crazy. The plums have gotten larger and better every season, I don’t even like plums and I eat these. Sometimes we make jam but mostly we give huge bags away. We give them away to be transformed in to jams, jellies, cakes and anything else one can imagine.
This year we decided instead of tossing the remaining plums in the compost we would make Brandy. I took a few recipes for Northern European plum liquor and a traditional Italian recipe and mashed them together.

20130714-213438.jpgIt’s so easy, although we won’t know if it turns out for another 2 months, I’ll be sure to let you know. We usually make Nocino but our walnut harvest looks sparse this year. I want to leave as many nuts on the tree as I can. Nocino is made from green walnuts harvested early in July, If I pick them now I wouldn’t have many mature nuts left in September.  Last year I canned 40 pounds of cherries but we ended up eating them this year. So before summer ended I wanted to make something, and plums we have!  We will bottle it up, create a cute label and hand it out for holiday time.
We always gets the kids(s) involved, I let them put the sugar in and stir this time, and they were thrilled!




Plum Brandy

Make sure to sterilize your jar and spoon with boiling water.

The natural yeast on the fruit will act as a fermentation starter.

5 lbs washed plums, red or yellow, cut, pits removed
1 liter vodka
4 cups brandy or rum
5 lbs sugar

Put it all in a large jar and stir.
Let sit room temperature for 8 weeks. Covered or with a cheese cloth over it. I am alternating between the two. 
strain, drink.



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