Who doesn’t love ice cream?

8 Jul





Yes was the answer….when Tillamook wants to send you free ice cream you just say yes!
Before the Fourth of July a large box arrived on our porch, full of ice cream! I knew that I was going to give it away at the parade but we couldn’t resist getting in to it the very night it arrived.
We got, strawberry, marionberry pie (my fave), s’mores, chocolate peanut butter, mud slide (my other fave) and vanilla. Luckily I have two freezers or this large delivery would have been an issue!
Yes, the truth is that we chipped away at it for a few days, we just couldn’t help ourselves.


On the fourth, I set up outside our art gallery and started scooping, it as about 99 degrees out, I scooped fast. I yelled out “free ice cream” and it worked, I had a bit of a line but managed to give it all away. One man took what was left in the bottom of one of the gallons and added all the flavors right in to the container.  It put a smile on everyone’s faces, ice cream just does that. You can’t help but love this happy food, especially when you can get all six flavors from some stranger in the street, for free.
I don’t really buy ice cream and wouldn’t have thought about Tillamook but I have to tell you, this stuff is really good. It’s creamy and not too dense, not to airy, just right. Some companies have more over run than others (that’s ice cream lingo for air added when mixing) this one got it right. I would buy this again for sure. Thanks ice cream fairy for delivering this to us and letting us put smiles on other people’s faces.

Tillamook has a contest going until July 16 th, get in on the action here!

Let me know what you are thinking!

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