In Honor of Julia

15 Aug

I couldn’t resist sharing this video with you, it really brought me back, I hope you like it too.

I grew up watching Julia Child on PBS. My mom and I would snuggle in bed and watch, and watch and laugh. We laughed about how she’d spill something and scrape it up off the counter, pop it in the pot and continue on cooking. She wasn’t graceful but boy could she cook! I do believe that is where I learned to remember a recipe with out writing it down. I had a knack for remembering ingredients and technique I’d seen on TV.  Mom is a great cook who highly influenced me. We would discuss the recipes and think about how delicious Julia’s kitchen set must have smelled.

When I grew up I had the distinct pleasure to work on the set of Jacques Pépin’s PBS Show, Jacques Celebrates. While working on that show Jacques often talked about Julia, how they fought over whether you salt the burger before cooking or after. They disagreed about so many topics but he always spoke fondly of her and with the utmost respect. He, a French trained chef who was the personal chef to three French heads of state, including Charles de Gaulle, and Julia, a home cook who discovered French cuisine later in life, made a perfect pair. I bet some of the things I learned from Jacques he may have picked up from Julia! I consider myself lucky, although I never met her (my husband did get that chance, lucky duck) she is all around me. Thanks Julia for your inspiration and fun spirit, you are missed.


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