My at Home Burger is an Ugly Duckling

11 Aug

Fast food burger at home

I love summer but I hate the heat, I’m a typical Sagittarius, just can’t make up my mind! The reason I love summer, especially in California is for the tomatoes. With tomatoes comes the grilled summery food of the Gods….the perfect burger and I love those too!!
My darling child states that she hates burgers, at the mention of In and Out Burger she cringes!

Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger with Cajun Fries

Actual Five Guys Bacon Cheeseburger with Cajun Fries (Photo credit: powerplantop)

My at home burger

When there is a food she hates, it just makes me try harder, I just keep making it and serving it in tiny cut up pieces. I make sure to serve something she loves with it, if I’m lucky she eats it all! Enthralling dinner table conversation helps to distract from the detested edible too!!
Anyway, Michael Pollen says if your going to eat junk food make it yourself! I had a hankering for a sloppy Five Guys style burger with summer tomato, so I grilled up a batch. I know eating healthy is a must but once in a while a juicy burger hits the spot. Just be careful not to eat like that daily and you should be A-OK.
I cheated with the roll because I haven’t mastered from scratch extra soft squishy rolls yet…forgive me?
Now I’ve tried it all, adding egg, bread crumbs, onion, A-1 sauce, you name it I’ve tried to enhance my burgers with it. I have gone full circle back to plain old meat, salt and pepper and that’s the way it’s going to stay.  Grinding your own Chuck would be best, a Kitchen Aid mixer attachment is pretty handy! If you can’t grind your own then buy the best meat you can. Buy the best meat with highest fat content. (don’t judge, trust me)

Back to tomatoes…we all love them and the heirlooms are at their peak and sweet as sugar. Keep it simple, cheese, tomato, onion maybe a thinly sliced pickle.

By the way, my kid ate a half of one of these  beauties, think she still hates burgers?

Best Burger

It may be ugly and squished  but it tastes good and when it comes to burgers that’s what’s important.

For easy clean up and to avoid cross contamination:  Place two sheets of foil on a cookie sheet, the top one will have the raw burgers. The clean one stays underneath and is used for the cooked the burgers. When you place burgers on the grill take the  top dirty foil away, use the clean sheet to place the cooked burgers on.

1 lb high fat content ground beef

Softest buns you can find

3 Tbs butter melted
Cheese, sliced tomato, onion, pickle

Prepare a cookie sheet with two large pieces of foil one on top of the other.
Cut up 5 smaller pieces for wrapping burgers after cooking, place near grill.

To form the burgers, gently make 5 thin patties, do not roll into a ball or press into a mold.  Place patties on the  foil lined baking sheet.

Using a small roller or your fingers, press evenly to make a 3 1/2 -4 inch patty. It will look huge but the high fat in the meat will cook and the burger will shrink a lot.
Don’t fiddle with the edges, keep them ragged. The more you touch the meat the tougher the burger will be.
Chill patties for 15 minutes while grill heats up. (you can even freeze them very slightly to make it easire to transfet to the grill)

Brush melted butter on the buns and add to the cookie sheet. Just before cooking, sprinkle burgers with salt and pepper.
On medium high, about 400 degrees place burgers on the grill.

Wait until you see some juices coming to the top, about 7-10 minutes.

Flip burgers once only, you will loose all the juices if you keep flipping it.

Add buns butter side down to grill.

Add cheese to top of burgers. Cook to desired doneness
When finished assemble burgers and wrap in foil.

You may want to mark the “with cheese” ones.
Hand out burgers and let each person add toppings, eat!

Stay tuned for how to use up with those leftover burger buns!



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