Home Sick

24 Apr

Shaved blueberries and ice.

No, it’s not warm out and we are not happily eating frozen treats. Unfortunately after a two-week school break we are home with Strep with a touch of Croup. I thought for sure after two weeks of hanging around the house, school would be a welcome relief, but no. Our Kidlet is under the covers with a horrible sore throat and terrible cough. She doesn’t want to eat, or sleep or do much of anything. (I thought I’d write something before I am totally stricken down with what she has, I am 50% there already) She isn’t eating, because the hot soup hurts and nothing else sounds tasty. The saving grace is our 5 dollar second-hand, unopened Hawaiian Ice Shaver. I picked it up one day at Goodwill, thinking to myself, “I really shouldn’t buy this.” It has turned out to be a life saver on hot days, and sick days! On hot days we make shave ice with flavorings and fresh frozen fruit. Sometimes we just shave fruit like frozen peaches, the kids love it!

Kidlet loves the cold ice on her sore throat and it is a terrific way to get liquids into her.  She must be part polar bear because this kid can put away ice like nobody’s business! Usually when little ones are sick they just want Otter Pops or Popsicles but I hate all that sugar and over packaging. This easy two ingredient recipe is a low sugar, no preservative way to get them hydrated. If you don’t have a shave ice machine you can pick one up over here for 24.00$. Check you local second-hand shop, you never know what you will find. You can also serve it up the caveman style by adding fruit and ice to a zip top bag and hammering away (but not on your tile countertops.)

Bottom line, get them hydrated any way you can because they will get better faster and be back to school in no time.

P.S. I take no responsiblity for the blueberry stains on the kid or all over the house!

Shave Ice for Sicky

If you don’t have a fancy shave ice machine but have a food processor, fit it with a thin slicer blade and throw in some frozen peaches or strawberries to get a yummy shaved fruit treat!

I think we are partial to blueberries because when they get shaved they look really cool!!

1/4 cup frozen organic blueberries or other fruit

about 6 ice cubes

Add everything to machine, shave away in to a large bowl.



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