Soda Comes Clean (also win a SodaStream)

13 Jun
Our garnish is a hula girl straw with a strawberry

In our house we don’t drink soda but we do like “fizzy water.”  One of my favorite gadgets in my kitchen  is my Soda Stream. I can’t stand buying bottles of fizzy water just to toss them out a few days after they go flat. Plus with old age approaching schlepping those bottles can be a real back breaker. I became obsessed with “needing” a Soda Stream and once it came I was in love.  One of the best things about it is that if the water doesn’t get used up right away you can just add more water and re fizz it instead of  pouring out the water.  Another great thing is that the Soda Stream is self contained, by this I mean it has no plug or cords, and is free standing.  We can take it camping or to a party, it travels well no electricity not problem. I chose the model with the plastic bottle for safety with the kids but the “Penguin” model is very pretty with it’s retro looking  glass bottle.

Mashing berries with wooden spoon
I use a dropper for vanilla extract

When I attended the International Housewares Show in Chicago I got lucky enough to be given a Soda Stream to give away on my blog! (I asked really nicely and smiled a lot and it worked!) Details below on entering to win.
I thought I’d give you a fun way to make a healthier soda so when you win the Soda Stream you have a fun activity to do  with the kids for summer. You can use your imagination for whatever fruit you want to add and as always I encourage creativity and using up your leftovers!

Removing stem

I also want to teach you how to de-stem a strawberry using a straw it is a great tip. Taking a sturdy straw push it from the narrow end of the strawberry through the center of the top (green leaves). Voila, a de-stemmed berry! (We like to suck the berry meat out of the straw, waste not in our house.)

If you want to get a little less healthy and a little more celebratory try adding a scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream! With the ice cream try adding blueberries for a great a Fourth of July drink!
Add lemon for another interesting drink or float an orange slice for more color.
Strawberry Sodas
Serves 2

6 medium Strawberries, washed
1 1/2 tsp sugar, honey or sweetener of choice
1 tsp. vanilla extract
8 ounces unflavored fizzy water from SodaStream
an egg slicer

Have the kids take the tops off the strawberries using the straw technique.
Slice de-stemmed berries in the egg slicer, and place 3 in each cup.
Add sweetener and, have kids mash, mash , mash with the end of a wooden spoon!
Add soda water  to the top and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Soda Comes Clean (also win a SodaStream)”

  1. Katie @ This Chick Cooks June 29, 2011 at 7:39 PM #

    What a fun little gadget. I bet it is so nice for making yummy summer drinks. I wanted to invite you to come over and share your recipe at These Chicks Cooked Recipe Spotlight today. Have a great day :)Katie

  2. Ali June 20, 2011 at 3:06 AM #

    yummy how delicious!I am having a round up of refreshing Summer drinks over at my blog this month. You are welcome to share this delicious recipe with us if you'd like 🙂 have a great week!

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