Girl’s gathered vintage valance top

31 May

I know this really has nothing to do with food but I just love this idea. My friend Melissa has a sewing store called STITCH LOUNGE . The women of Stitch also have a few books all about re-purposing old clothing and fabric in to beautiful new things for you, your kids and even your dog!
They post tutorials on how to do these crafty projects on their site.
Here is an excerpt from the girl’s gathered vintage valance top.
Our newest tutorial brings you something for the lovely little lady in your life – a Girl’s Gathered Vintage Valance Top!

We love the fabric in vintage valance curtains and they can be found aplenty at your neighborhood thrift store—or in your grandma’s kitchen! Valances (as opposed to longer curtains) are already hemmed on top and bottom, and have a pre-sewn casing in place, making it a super easy, super fast project for a crafty mom on the go!
To see the rest of this cute crafty project go here.

Let me know what you are thinking!

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